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Quentin Paillard of Pierre Paillard Champagne in Bouzy Talks Family Tradition and New Winemaking


It’s the story of two brothers, the eight generation in their family’s Pierre Paillard Champagne legacy, dating back to 1768.  Quentin, along with his brother Antoine, under the guidance of their father Benoit, are committed to growing organic grapes, 60% of which are Pinot Noir, located on 11 hectares in Bouzy Champagne. Their most current effort is towards biodynamic growing.

The 250 year history of the family comes through in the winemaking, although Quentin traveled the wine world over to bring new techniques to Pierre Paillard, as well. We tasted  the lovely 2010 Bouzy Blanc de Noir Les Maillerettes, which showed bright red fruits along with a mildly saline finish. The acidity is refreshing and the light blush color appealing. This wine is part of the Robert Houde Wines portfolio and the tasting was held at the award-winning Blanchard Restaurant in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.


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