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Sommelier Jon McDaniel of Acanto Restaurant

SOMMTALKS Wine Tasting Series: Sommelier John McDaniel of Acanto


Sommelier Jon McDaniel has something important to say– he loves his Italian wines. Wine Director at Chicago’s Acanto, along with the rest of Lawless Restaurant Group’s properties (Beacon Tavern, The Gage, The Dawson), McDaniel reaches far and wide with his mostly Italian wine list, which includes approximately 500 wines from all 20 regions across Italy. McDaniel discusses his passion for Italian varietals, even if they may come from regions outside of Italy, such as Virginia and California. The wines we’re tasting today include:

2012 Sartori di Verona, Bianco Verenese IGT, Gargenega– 15-20% of these grapes are produced in “appassimento” style (dried for 40 days), producing a wine with lots of layers. This white wine is a great pairing wine and has decent amount of acidity to work with the pasta and meat dishes at Acanto. It’s a full body white wine made from a classic grape from the Veneto region yet done in a more experimental manner, borrowing a technique more commonly used for red wine, in particular Amarone.

2010 Nebbiolo, Barboursville, Virginia The shorter growing season in Virginia is a challenge, as is the rain. Nevertheless, this volatile area produces stunning Nebbiolo, in a more modern manner with more fruit, moderate oak and a lush mouth feel.

“3 Liter Thursday” are a super fun time to join John at Acanto. Check on their website for the upcoming tastings.

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GM/ Partner Michael Muser of Grace Chicago

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