Eataly CEO Nicola Farinetti

CEO Eataly USA Nicola Farinetti on Indentita Golose 2016


Eataly USA CEO Nicola Farinetti on 2016 Celebration

Listen in to this exciting chat with Eataly USA CEO Nicola Farinetti as he presents the Identita Golose 2016 here at Eataly Chicago.  Hear first hand about the mission of this boundary pushing celebration which challenges traditional Italian chefs to avoid any waste and make the simplest dishes, which are ultimately the most difficult. Identita Golose’s mission is “to highlight the best of contemporary Italian cuisine, showcase the culinary excellence of each Italian region, and honor the top Italian chefs who proudly blend traditional techniques with modern methods.” 

Farinetti’s passion and energy have made the US branches of Eataly, both here in Chicago and the two in New York City, wildly successful. Listen here for the full story on the chef pairings and chef demonstrations at this Identita Golose event and the international theme of 2016: Don’t Waste The World.

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