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Mast Somm Willie Sherer on Holiday Wines

Master Somm Willie Sherer Taste Wines for the Holidays


Happy Holidays to you All! What better way to toast this holiday season than will wine suggestions from

MS Willie Sherer at Redd Restaurant

Today, it’s a fun and interesting conversation with the venerable Master Sommelier Willie Sherer at Redd Restaurant in Yountville, Ca. With the holidays in mind, we tasted a few gems that he’s crazy about. Listen and see….

2014 Somm Rose of Tannat, California

We first go to a full-bodied Rosé, Sherer’s own Somm Rosé made from the Tannat grape which he sources here in California. A fan of the underdog grape, Sherer makes this wine in a lean style, full of body and deep fruit flavors. It resembles the color of a Provencal Rosé but has more heft to hold up nicely for a holiday meal.

Next Wine:

2013 Vinaredo Souson, Valdeorras Galicia Spain

This lesser known Souson grape is produced mostly in the Galicia region of Spain. Typically served with the food of the region, the coastal area is known more for seafood, even grilled fish, octopus and seafood , especially oily fish. He deems it a “fish wine”, which is more difficult to come by.

The wine’s full of aromas and flavors of cranberries, boysenberries,  and herbs like thyme and roasted sage. It would be great with venison, lamb, roasted meat, just in time for the holidays.

Sherer also suggest a few other categories of wines for the holidays, such as the Northern Rhone Valley, Cornas, and Cote Rotie where Syrah is the main grape. He feels Syrah is being made better than ever here in California, “in the purest sense.” It is great with a signatory holiday meal, with the spice, pepper and meaty qualities. There are many great producers in Napa and Sonoma. Arnold Roberts, Miner Family

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