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Kerrin Laz of K. Laz Wine Collections

Collectible Napa Valley Cabernet at K. Laz Wine Collection


K. Laz Wine Collection Yountville Tasting Room

It’s the Who’s Who of the California wine world in this episode of SommTalks. Tune in to hear informative and passionate Kerrin Laz talk about her access to the wines she pours in her Yountville tasting room K. Laz Wine Collection.

Laz is consider THE authority on California wine, spending over a decade at Dean and DeLuca, sourcing and selling the most sought after wines in the Napa Valley. She provides access to wines from wineries that may not allow visitors or don’t open to the public, and have such limited production that access to a tasting in virtually improbable.

Laz’s ten years as the arbiter of fine wine with Dean & DeLuca allowed her the opportunity to taste then introduce these wines to the public, even before many had garnered their ratings and cult status. Providing wine to consumers ahead of the “popularity/ratings” curve was her mark and she carries this on at K. Laz Wine Collections.  The collection is available for sale or for tasting in one of the four tasting options: The Taster, The Artisan, The Cult or The Centurion. There’s also a wine club consumers can join to receive regular shipment, tailored to one’s palate.

Most of the wines she champions are still privately owned, typically by a family, rather than a large conglomerate. She appreciates her symbiotic relationship with her wineries, as well, exposing them to her ever changing clientele as their winery wine club members may be aging.

Laz continues to taste newer and up-and-coming wines to help place them in the competitive California wine landscape. Hear about the tailored tastings at K. Laz, from a Cabernet Sauvignon tasting only to one including Pinot Noir with Chardonnay. Each tasting appointment is crafted for the desires of the client so each tasting is unique. Tune in for an upcoming episode to taste wines with Laz.

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