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Kieran Robinson Wines

Visit Healdsburg’s Kieran Robinson Wines with Us


Wines of Kieran Robinson

In this episode, we travel to West Dry Creek Road in Healdsburg CA, on the northern end of Sonoma County. We meet with Kieran Robinson of his namesake wines, where he produces Viognier and Syrah, not to mention an intriguing natural sparkling wine (a pétillant naturel), as well. We’ll taste his wines in an upcoming episode.

Robinson hails from Philadelphia and made his way to Sonoma via wine training in the Finger Lakes of New York, the Rhone Valley in France, in Sonoma at Paul Hobbs then onto Napa at Jericho Canyon. His intension is to continue to make great wine here in Sonoma, but make his way back to Philly, where he and his wife will plant their vineyard and operate a winery.

Robinson talks about the Syrah growing in Bennet Valley, where he gets his fruit from, and the difference between this cooler “bowl” and the warmer areas in California.

Tune in to hear the entire story.

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Napa Valley Film Festival 2016 with Anthony Bell of film Decanted


Napa Valley Film Festival 2016 Screens Wine Film Decanted

Recording from Yountville, California, we are in the Napa Valley to celebrate the release of the film Decanted, which weaves an in depth story of winemaking in the Valley. Veteran winemaker Anthony Bell of Bell Wine Cellars is one of the highlighted characters in this Digital Cave Media feature-length film by Award-winning Director Nick Kovacic.  Continue reading