Swift & Sons Chicago Wine Program

SOMMTALKS Wine Tasting Series with Somms Marcello Cancelli and Meredith Rush


Join us for this week’s episode featuring the wine team at Swift & Sons Chicago Marcello Cancelli and Meredith Rush. Together, we taste through a few notable wines on their list:

First, we taste the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc West Palisades Kenefick Ranch made from the ethereal Calistoga Grapes grown on volcanic soils which marks the wine with a distinct flavor profile. This crisp white wine has a nicely rounded palate due the warm climate and ripeness, with notes of melon and bright complex citrus flavors.  Aged in a bit of neutral oak, it picks up a nice density in texture and even a wisp of smoke. It’s moderately viscous yet finished clean and crisp.

We also experience Andy Erickson’s 2012 Leviathan California Red Wine Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, sourced from various places in California. Cancelli likens this to a Tuscan blend, perhaps a Brunello, with the freshness of the fruit yet not a heavy handed approach but intense body. Nicely balanced, the wine is a great food friendly wine, Marcello says. Rush agrees, “There are no boundaries since it’s California,” she says, so Erickson is able to make the best wine, blending what he feels is good. He has become something of an enigma in the wine world, with a cult following, they say.

We discuss the trend that’s pulling away from over-ripeness, a trend that Cancelli feels has been going on for a few years. The first step was to move away from the huge oaky Chardonnays, and now with reds, winemakers seem to be leaning towards more freshness and less ripeness and high alcohol. Now, winemakers are tending to pick at the right time, not waiting so long until the grapes are almost raisinated. All this and more so please tune in, share with your friends and get the word out about SommTalks interview and tastings.

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